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Who is Tracy Reed?

I am a Linux enthusiast, a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot, and a traveller. I am interested in all aspects of computing and technology in general, especially Linux and Free Software. As an avid pilot I can be found somewhere over the skies of the southwestern US most weekends.  As a traveller I have been to many interesting places. Check out my photo gallery. Want to get me something cool? Check out my wish list!



The Homepage of Tracy R Reed

The homepage of Tracy R Reed

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Site News
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Site Events
Folder Photo album
Tracy's photo album - better than flickr! I won't lose all of my pics when flickr disappears.
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My Linux stuff
Folder Writings
Here are various random things that I have written over the years that I thought to be worth saving. Most of them are short essays, email or Usenet discussions. I generally don't add anything here anymore and just write blog entries instead.
Page The Resume of Tracy R Reed, RHCE
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Page The Good List & The Naughty List
For quite a while I have been considering adding a list of people, businesses, and services I have had a good experience with and can recommend to my website. As well as a list of people, businesses, and services I cannot recommend.
Page GPG & SSH Public Keys
Please send me encrypted email!
Page Favorite Authors
I love good sci-fi. These guys are the best.
Page Software I have written
My coding projects
Weblog Tracy's blog
Adventures in flying, computing, etc.
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Portrait of Tracy
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